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The Internet Future

The internet future today is not what most fully understand, and allot of people only consider the internet what they can see via a google search. But what if we told you there are internet networks out there that consist of Tor and IPFS private networks. Now consider how many of these exist, and what additional information and knowledge we could gain assuming there was a way to go between these different elements, and technologies freely without compromising your privacy.

Bring Old and New Together

Most of the time these networks lack exit nodes, and if there where more of them the usability of any particular network increases at an exponential rate. Now consider if these exit nodes could host blogs, websites, and decentralized programed platforms. How many people would now be able to use the new node, and assuming they had the ability of connectivity with other private networks the interconnected world of private internet use would have expanded greatly.

All of us here at Helix Chain Network strive to help find solutions that will allow the everyday user to be able to have access to these new and older networks.

So stay tuned and keep an eye on this website, and our twitter account.


Help us build a private interconnected internet for all.

Helix Chain Team

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